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Greetings from ISHIBASHI Manufacturing Optimum Solution and Mobility

No other phrase than this could clearly state our company's advantages.

Since our founding as a forging factory in 1932, we have never stopped to challenge new things. These days, with the design and manufacturing of gearboxes, as our core business, we have become No. 1 in the domestic market in the area of middle-to-large scale wind-turbine gearboxes and are further expanding our business specifically for more advanced gearboxes, such as double-screw extruders, high speed gear reducers, and other very critical applications

We have made efforts from early on toward establishing business in overseas markets and partnerships, reaching the solid groundwork of our current business. In 1989, the company was renamed Flender Ishibashi Co., Ltd., by forming a joint venture with Flender (Germany), during which we built up technical know-how through various exchanges as a member of the Flender group for 12 years. In 2001, the capital alliance ended and we restarted as ISHIBASHI Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2010, we launched an assembly factory in China and a service factory in USA, and brought them into operation.

We are a small company with about 130 staff though look to the global market all the time, pursue what values are truly required around the world, and think of "what only a small company can do." So Optimum Solutions and Mobility are our greatest advantages, and we'll make efforts to keep and develop them.

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